The Department of Endocrinology at Aster Al Raffah Hospital, is responsible for treating Diabetes ( Type 1 & 2). Punctual follow ups are made with the patients using oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin.

Aster Al Raffah Hospital provides the availability of the latest medications.

Educational programmes are conducted to inform regarding the usage of insulin, site injections, hypoglycemia symptoms which also comprises of teaching preventive measures and necessary steps to combat them.

Screening of the diabetes complications i.e retinal, nephrotic or neural is conducted and the team proceeds with the treatments as soon as possible.

The Department of Endocrinology is capable of diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism & thyroiditis.
Thyroid modules are evaluated and if the necessity arises, Fine Needle Aspiration (Thyroid Biopsy) is performed.

Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow Up of Adrenal Gland disorders are taken care by the Endocrinology Department.

Pituitary Gland Disorders such like Growth Hormone, Impairments & Hyperprolactinemia are diagnosed and well treated.

Puberty disorders are evaluated and are treated accordingly.

The Endocrinology Department, led by Dr. Wasim Sheikh Hammoud, also extends expertise to patients suffering from male infertility due to Endocrinal causes.

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