Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. The department is led by Dr. Saida Yasmeen at Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics Oman  which offer patients a full range of ophthalmologic and optometric care. Aster Al Raffah Hospital uses sophisticated techniques to help identify and correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness and a broad spectrum of eye disorders.

The medical staff helps patients improve and maintain their vision using the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques to diagnose a host of vision impairments and abnormalities including: Glaucoma, Age Degeneration, Diabetes eye damage, Cataracts, Pediatric eye problems, Eyelid droop and Wrinkles, Inflammation, Dry eyes, Infections, Double vision and Visual loss.

Aster Al Raffah Hospital provides professional and personalized services to minimize the negative impact of these disorders, leading to an improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

The department offers the following services for:

  • Glaucoma: Comprehensive evaluation of high intraocular pressure in the eye using the latest equipment
    • Tonometry (all types)
      • Visuplan500 from Zeiss
      • Goldmanns applanation
      • Tonopen
    • Visual fields – Humphrey 2 from Zeiss
    • Pachymetry – Tomey4000
    • All types of Glaucoma surgery including AGV
  • Cataract: State of the art equipment to evaluate and operate the most common problem in ophthalmology
    • Zeiss SL 130 slit lamp with imaging and recording facilities
    • A scan biometry
    • B scan with ultrasound bio microscopy (UBM)
    • Zeiss keratometer
    • Leica M-220 state of the art operating microscope
    • Ortelli 3 – State of the art Phaco-machine
    • Tomey4000 specular microscope for evaluating the endothelium
    • Microsurgical instruments for surgery
  • Oculoplasty: Facilities to evaluate a treat, both medically and surgically, all oculoplasty problems such as:
    • Squint
    • Entropion
    • Ectropion
    • Ptosis
    • Botox (therapeutic and cosmetic)
    • Dacryocystectomy
    • Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
  • Stem cell transplant: Facilities to carry out stem cell conjunctival autograft for recurrent pterygium/dry eye etc.
  • Minor procedures: Fully equipped minor surgical unit with an operating microscope attached to the OPD to carry out minor surgeries such as:
    • Chalazion
    • Stye/Cyst removal
    • Epiliation
    • Botox etc.
  • Posterior segment: Medical retina with basic facilities such as:
    • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy
    • B-scan imaging
    • 78-D examination
  • Refraction
    • State of the art Zeiss autorefractometer
    • Visuref 100 and Lensometer
    • Visulens 500 with clear chart
    • Riechert 2

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